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This is me, Sakthi Ganesh, admin of this(my) blog.


Technically i am a Blogger and SEO which helps me for living.I have started this blog in the later 2008, to write my personal thoughts and after some time i practiced write some technology related articles which i experimented.

Personal Info

I am a self motivated individual, trying to life the life.Here is the some of the thoughts i have learn from my life.

My thoughts

  • Money may brings you wealth,but happiness comes from the way you live
    Lies may give you short term happiness,but Truth will gives you extended peace!
    Man with out hope is like bird with out wings
    Every one has to die one day,but don’t let your soul die before that
    Life is like sea,which always floods with tide that so called thoughts
    Stop blame others,start look inside of you to correct yours

Find My Quick Profile Info

Native : Thirumangalam -Madurai
Mother Tongue : Tamil

Religion : Hindu
Highest education qualification : B.E Computer Science
Schooling : P.K.N HSS,Govt Boys Higher secondary school-Thriumangalam
Diploma : Tamilnadu Polytechnic – Madurai

College : K.L.N College Of Engg -Madurai

Marital status : Single
Skill Sets: Blogger,SEO
Job Nature : Entrepreneur
Hobbies: Books Reading,Watching Movies,Shopping

Movies i loved : Mongol ,Defiance, The Road,Schindler’s List

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