Google Page Rank 2011 Updated with my Blog


Today ( 27 June 2011) i have just realized that the Google pageRank 2011 with my site is updated.

Google PageRank Update

Google PageRank Update

When every time its updated it has its ups and downs ,both the Good/Bad news
The Bad news is my domain root PR is down from PR 3 to 2 which was not expected my me(But i know the reasons behind this , and i tell u later in this post)
and the Good news is my blog inner pages are getting ranked with Google( From PR1 to 3)
And also my page authority is not affected with this update so my blog is still ranking high even for the compettive terms .

ok lets find out why my pagerank is down for this update.The possible reason will be

First, Google Ranking factor is undergone major changes and i have not done any thing other than the on-site SEO( Social promotion,link building)
Second , i have redesigned my posts with pagination where as the page rank juice flown down to this pages (I am trying to nofollow this page but Google is merely faster than me and updated its rank)
Third,few months before i have some serious affiliate promotion which involves some redirects

Being a SEO, this PR update made me think over to concentrate on my blog ( Now a days i have found less time to spend with my blog.But in future i am going to be regular and utilize the Google ranking factor updates and i will share the same story with my blog viewers. Thanks hearing with me.

Update :

Today (21-07-2011) i have noticed that, my home page has returned with the PR of 3.



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  1. sakthi ganesh

    06/27/2011, 09:53 pm

    Yes Anita:
    You are correct. I have the same story. But some of other websites get some decent rank. But those sites are not important one. I am just thinking over the accuracy of Google PageRank. But fortunately your blog got/retains PR of 4.

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