Why Should You Choose WordPress Over Other Blogging Platforms

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Extremely User Friendly

The best thing about WordPress is its user-friendly architecture, it was easier to install, manage and upgrade everything can be done with a single click, that’s the very special feature of WordPress over other blog platforms

Easier to install

WordPress is easier to install, after downloading the WordPress software you have to make little changes in the configuration file so that wordpress get installed in your server.

And most of the popular Cpanel powered servers comes with Fantastico that automatically installs the wordpress in your preferred location with a single click

Easier to upgrade

Recent wordpress software comes with automatic upgrade feature, so that now you can upgrade your version from your blog’s dashboard. Not only the software, the installed plug-in can be automatically upgraded whenever the up gradation is available.

Easier to Manage posts

Managing the posts with WordPress is just like an 1-2-3 process, those who having the basic knowledge of web browsing can easily add ,edit and delete posts with wordpress.

Easier to Control Design

Thousands of WordPress themes are freely available over web with the categories of single column, two columns, three columns and four columns, so everyone can choose the best structure and design that suits their needs. Customizing the design is pretty much simple so we have excellent control over design of our wordpress blog


Powerful and Expandable Plug-in

WordPress is expanding its features by its freely available plug-ins. The default wordpress blog can be expanded to complete CMS website, Review web site, Classifieds directory, Ecommerce website or any other category website by the way of using plug-in .

WordPress Extension directory: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/


Excellent and growing support

WordPress is well supported by its user community and its developers. Thousands of websites, blogs and communities are available to support wordpress software and the support is growing rapidly.

WordPress official support : http://wordpress.org/support/

Best SEO Optimized architecture

WordPress software is best optimized for SEO because by making little changes, the simple wordpress blog can change into SEO super star blog. The wordpress software lets you to stick with web standards, changing permanent link structure ,meta tag customization , Clean code optimization ,better redirection handling , image optimization techniques enables blogs that gets better ranking with Search Engine Result Pages .

WordPress SEO Tutorials : http://yoast.com/articles/wordpress-seo/

Auto pinging Functionality

WordPress software offers auto pinging functionality with supplied websites so you have no need to ping every time when each post is made, wordpress will do the job for you. You just sit back and watch!

Trackback Feature

WordPress offers automatic track back future that enables to link back to the blogs who have already linked to your blog.


WordPress also have various advantages that are not covered up here,but i hope that the above reasons are enough to choose wordpress over other blogging platforms.

I highly recommend choosing WordPress over other blogging platform, if you are planning to set up your blog online. Good luck.

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