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    What are your blogging goals for December?


    Lola Méndez

    re format and re add photso to 220 posts that look like trash after being transfred from blogger to wordpress via siteground


    Esther Mbabazi

    Work on offpage SEO


    Debbie Gartner

    Generate at least 10,000 net profit (I have been doing above that the last 2 months, but my traffic is always down in December, so being realistic). Launching my SEO ebook, doing my own 31 in 31 day SEO challenge.


    Rebecca Arnold

    Prepare all my content for December and January, do a review of 2018 and map out my plan for 2019, update at least 10 old posts and optimise for SEO. And take a few days off! 🙂


    Claudia Tavani

    Do I sound boring if I say more PVs?


    Emma Healey

    Work on my mega Ultimate Guide to XX topic that I’ve been planning for ages. Plan to get to #1 with this ultra-competitive keyword by rewriting an existing post and turning it into a cornerstone post (this is the first of 3).


    Leona Wandermust

    Reviving old old content
    2. Adding affiliates finally
    3. Actually using jnstagram again


    Asher Fergusson

    Launch my first online course!


    Jeremy Jones

    Working on SEO to help boost traffic before the Mediavine slump in January. Ideally hope to hit another five figure month.


    Tracy McConnachie Collins

    Increase e mail list – add incentives to readers to sign up. Work on link building – 6 is the aim. Add affiliate links and optimise 15 old posts. Write 3 new posts.


    Lisa Scott

    Finish all the bits and bobs that need to be done on my new site, and be ready to promote it from January 😊 bring on 2019!


    Natalie Alleblas

    30 posts to publish across all my sites. Continue link building. Commit to a “2019 planning day” for all my businesses. Sell 20 of my products.


    Melissa Conn

    1) 6 more articles
    2) Work through the Pinterest course I just bought
    3) Email list building 😭


    Jean Cheney

    5 posts to publish.
    Running an anti xmas giveaway
    Preparing for 2019

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)

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