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    Casie Davidowsky

    Getting organic traffic and complete optimization for my old posts in time for my official launch party next month.


    Rebecca Rayner

    Find more time to fit in blogging between working full time and studying full time as well as freelancing.


    Bianca Malata-Greenberg

    Optimise old posts and work on video editing my stash of travel videos. My goal is to publish at least 1 by end of December.


    Bret Love

    1) Hit 300,000 page views (not including viral activity).
    2) Make at least $10K from Mediavine.
    3) Optimize 6 old posts, including adding LOTS of affiliate links.
    4) Write two new posts.
    5) Outline SEO/affiliate prioritization strategy & set goals for 2019.


    Marie Tehillah

    Build a new store, create SEO friendly post to dramatically increase my blog traffic.


    Barbara Rodrigus

    Triple our affiilate income from this month ($ 20 ;)), translate all my articles in my native language as my blog recently became bilingual and write at least 4 new posts. Oh, and finish and move into our new house before X-mas!


    Lia Garcia

    Onboard my new team! And make sure to hit 100k in revenue for the year. That is also very important πŸ˜›


    Digital Nomad Wannabe

    Getting through everything I need to before taking off for our summer holiday! Having an awesome time in sydney next week at travel massive


    Erin Leigh

    Working on SEO organic traffic and finish up a few sponsored blogs


    Purwanto Ngareng Sorogo

    Guest posting to 10 blogs.


    Dan Bull

    Actually get some organinc traffic


    Kelley Ging Purcell

    I would like to draw traffic to my website, grow my email list and learn how to make money aside from Amazon affiliate links. I’m just not sure how to do any of this…. πŸ™


    Jan Wild

    Finish my link building commitments and get some posts scheduled in advance for my blog.


    Anne Sutherland-Smith

    To launch our new product, and just keep swimming – more posts, more link building plus have some time off over Christmas – we are at the beach for a week πŸ™‚ – but sometimes I find that an even better time to focus on the business! We also need to do our goal setting for 2019 πŸ™‚ If it turns out anything like this year it will be amazing to see what results we can achieve!


    Laura Vegh

    To write as many posts as possible for my digital nomads series and increase my email list.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 32 total)

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